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Products and Profiles

For builders and designers seeking versatile, attractive and sustainable timber species, the extensive range of options available from TIMBECK architectural is unsurpassed.

The products available from the range of 'non-cedar' species listed here are generally identical to those in similar categories within the Western Red Cedar range.

The profile details are basically the same but in some instances, the physical dimensions may vary slightly due to unique variations in the size of respective feed stock.

In cases where the properties of a specie do not suit some specific applications, products do not appear under that category - EG claddings are not included for low durability species but the thicker profiles may be referenced as suitable for 'Weather Protected' areas.

The general line-up of products representing the most widely used application from each specie is

  • Cladding  - cost effective exterior finishing
  • Panelling  - striking interiors offering unmatched warmth in atmosphere
  • Screening  - adding practicality, privacy & comfort to interiors & exteriors

Each timber specie has particular attributes that lend it to many and varied uses – at any stage of a project, TIMBECK architectural can assist with determing the criteria for 'off the shelf' products, or the need for special detailed items for any of the species listed.

TIMBECK's commitment to product flexibility is further supported by its Factory Coating Facilities offering Ultra Violet and Two Pack Lacquers as well as Spray Applied Oils and other finishes.



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